MMA Cage Padding

The MMA Cage Padding is a premium option for customers seeking superior protection and customisation for their MMA cages and cage walls. Designed with robust PVC, these pads promise long-lasting durability and easy sanitisation, ensuring your investment stands the test of time. Each pad, approximately 30 cm wide, 182 cm tall, and 5 cm thick, provides comprehensive coverage.

Our high-density foam is a key feature of the cage padding and ensures exceptional athlete protection. It’s designed to absorb impacts effectively, providing a safe environment for your athletes. The pads are fastened securely with wide, robust webbing straps featuring Velcro closures, guaranteeing a snug fit for your MMA cage.

The Protec cage padding range includes:

Single Pad: You can order a single pad with a plain design or a full-colour print for £75. Additional single pads can be purchased for £60 each. A set of 8 single pads is also available for £450.

Double-Sided Pad: If you want double-sided protection, Protec Boxing offers a front and back attached pad for £120. Additional double-sided pads can be purchased for £100 each. A set of 8 double-sided pads is also available for £750

For any questions regarding our cage padding or related services, please get in touch with one of our team at 01706 759 121.