18ft Boxing Ring Collection

Protec Boxing boasts an expanded line of superior 18ft boxing rings designed to accommodate a variety of environments such as boxing clubs, gyms, exhibitions, and events. The 18-foot rings provide ample space for a more dynamic and spacious training experience.

Our assortment includes:

Floor Rings: Our floor rings are built with top-quality, heavy gauge box sectional steel, epitomising durability and resilience. These rings are adaptable to multiple settings and can be fixed to the floor for unparalleled stability or utilised as movable units. Enhancements such as sport foam underlays and canvases are available, making them an economical, versatile, and enduring choice.

Platform Rings: Our platform rings are composed of premium materials and ensure sustained durability and longevity. Ranging in sizes from 16ft to 24ft, they are tailored to fit various spatial needs, with accessible custom options. These rings are straightforward to assemble and feature powder-coated corner posts for a lasting and attractive finish. Prioritising safety, they include high-density underlay, strong ring ropes, and effective rope separators, with customisation options like various canvas and rope cover designs.

Competition and Training Rings: Protec provides an array of competition and training rings designed for different space requirements and functionalities. These rings are available from 16ft to 20ft in size, with a platform height of 12 inches, and offer a wide range of customisation options to suit individual preferences.

18ft Rings – Customisation Options:

Size and Platform Height: Customisable from 18ft to 22ft, with a standard platform height of 12 inches.

Colour Customisation: An unrestricted palette for the ring and accessories, including the canvas, rope covers, skirts, corner pads, turnbuckle covers, and rope retainers. Customers can customise these elements in colours, logos, and text.

Logos and Text: Options for personalisation with custom logos, text, patterns, and designs on the canvas, side skirts, corner pads, rope covers, turnbuckle covers, and rope retainers, enabling a unique and branded aesthetic.

Corner Post Color: A selection of standard colours like black, white, red, or blue for the corner posts, with additional colours available for an extra fee.

Additional Custom Products: Beyond standard offerings, Protec also provides various custom products, such as canvases, adding to the range of customisation options.

These customisation features enable customers to design a unique 18ft boxing ring that aligns with their tastes and branding needs.

For more information about our 18ft boxing rings and additional offerings, please feel free to contact our helpful team at 01706 759 121.