Protec Ring Skirts

Protec Boxing provides a versatile range of boxing ring skirts available in custom and plain options. These skirts are necessary to cover the ring’s base and give the entire set-up a professional and polished appearance.

The custom skirts come in sizes ranging from 6ft to 24ft and platform heights of 12 and 36 inches. You can purchase them as single skirts or sets of four. The customised skirt branding enables gyms and event organisers to showcase their logos, colours, and text, which enhances their brand visibility during competitions and events.

The plain skirts are available in various sizes, from 6ft to 24ft, with platform heights of 12 inches and 36 inches, and can also be purchased as single skirts or sets of four. These skirts are made from the same canvas as the ring canvases and heavy-duty vinyl options, ensuring durability and quality.

Should you have any questions regarding our range of boxing ring skirts, please get in touch with our team directly on 01706 759 121.