Standard Rope Covers

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Custom rope covers

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Boxing Ring Rope Covers

Protec Boxing offers a wide variety of rope covers, including both plain and custom options and branded covers with the Protec Boxing logo. These covers come in various colour combinations, with standard colours like White, Red, Blue and Black. You can even choose different colours for each rope cover. They are made of durable waterproof vinyl that can easily wipe clean sweat, blood, and grime. The covers have Velcro® attachments and are suitable for ropes with diameters up to 30mm and 50mm. If you need custom rope covers to fit the size of your ring, you can specify the rope diameter when placing your order. Additionally, Protec Boxing offers personalised assistance via Facebook messenger or email to answer questions and provide further information.

Please note: When ordering your boxing ring rope covers, please order for the size of your ring, NOT the size of your rope.

If you have any questions regarding our rope covers or wish to discuss customisation options, please get in touch with the Protec Boxing team at 01706 759 121.