Low Platform Round

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Circular MMA Cages

Welcome to Protec, the leading supplier of high-quality MMA cages in the UK, including our top-tier round MMA cages. With more than 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing the best equipment to martial arts gyms, training facilities, and competitive events worldwide. Our round MMA cages are designed to ensure the safety and performance of athletes at all levels of MMA practice, from aspiring fighters to seasoned professionals.
Round MMA Cage Range
Our round MMA cages are made of heavy box sectional steel and have a unique slot-together design. The flooring and cage walls are the same as the traditional range, providing a safe and sturdy environment for fighters during their training and competition.

Our range includes two options:

Low Platform Round MMA Cages: These are available in sizes ranging from 18ft to 28ft, ensuring a durable and safe surface for fighters. The low platform option is perfect for different training and competition requirements.
High Platform Round MMA Cages: These cages are also available in sizes ranging from 18ft to 28ft, but they provide an elevated platform for a unique training and competition experience.

Customisation Options

Our round MMA cages are designed to give you the best possible fighting experience with complete safety. You can fully customise your cage with a full-colour print of your logo on the canvas, internal upright pads, and the surrounding skirt, all at no extra cost. Our cages are equipped with safety features such as twin safety locks on the doors and lightweight pads for top and bottom bars, ensuring the fighters’ safety.

Delivery Options
We offer the following delivery options for our round MMA cages:
Collection: Pick up your cage directly from our premises at no extra charge.
Pallet Carrier Delivery: Have your cage delivered to the kerbside for £145.00 to most UK inland destinations, with customer offload.
Full Delivery and Fitting: Opt for delivery and a professional fitting by Protec for prices starting from £495.00 to most UK inland destinations.

Please also view our range of associated accessories and equipment, allowing customers to complete their set-up with gloves, bags, pads and more.

If you have questions regarding our range of round MMA cages or installation or want to discuss customisation options, please contact the Protec team at 01706 759 121.

Round Cage FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our circular MMA enclosures.

What are the safety features of the round MMA cages?

The safety of fighters is of utmost importance, which is reflected in our range of Round MMA Cages. The key safety features of these cages include a non-slip surface to ensure stability during matches and training, mesh fencing and padded rails to prevent limbs from getting caught and protect fighters, rounded corners to minimise injuries, and adequate padding on the cage walls and floor to protect fighters from impact injuries. 

The cages are typically made of heavy box sectional steel, providing a durable and safe environment for fighters. Safety-regulated cage doors are a must, with doors opening outward, never into the cage, according to safety regulations. 

What are the available delivery options for Round MMA Cages?

Customers who are interested in purchasing Round MMA Cages have three delivery options to choose from:

Collection: Customers can collect their Round MMA Cage directly from our premises without additional cost.

Pallet Carrier Delivery: Customers who prefer delivery to the kerbside can do so by paying £295.00+ for most UK inland destinations. However, they will have to take responsibility for offloading the cage.

Full Delivery and Fitting: Customers who want a comprehensive service, including delivery and professional fitting by our team, can choose this option. This service costs from £495.00 to most UK inland destinations.

Can the round MMA cages be customised?

Yes, our round MMA cages can be customised to reflect your unique branding. We provide a full-colour print of your logo on the canvas and the internal upright pads at no extra cost. This allows for a personalised and professional appearance that is tailored to your specific branding.

Further customisation can be discussed by contacting the team directly on 01706 759 121.