20ft Boxing Ring Collection

Protec Boxing introduces the latest range of top-tier 20ft boxing rings, specifically engineered to suit a variety of settings such as fight clubs, MMA gyms and exhibitions. These 20-foot rings offer expansive space for an enhanced training and fighting experience.

Our 20ft boxing ring collection includes;

Floor Rings: Fabricated from superior-quality, heavy gauge box sectional steel, these floor rings are synonymous with durability and strength. Designed for flexibility in different environments, they can be permanently anchored for stability or used as portable units. Options such as sport foam underlays and canvases are available, making these rings an economical, adaptable, and long-lasting choice.

Platform Rings: Constructed from premium materials, our platform rings provide customers with a sound investment. With sizes varying from 16ft to 24ft, they are made to accommodate diverse spatial requirements, and custom options are readily available. 

Assembly is easy, and the rings feature powder-coated corner posts for a durable, eye-catching finish. 

Safety is paramount, with features like high-density underlay, sturdy ring ropes, and effective rope separators. Customisation options include different canvases, corner pads and rope covers.

Competition and Training Rings: Protec offers competition and training rings suitable for various space and functional needs. These rings, available in sizes ranging from 16ft to 20ft and with a platform height of 12 – 36 inches, offer various customisation options to cater to individual preferences and requirements.

20ft Rings – Customisation Features;

Size and Platform Height: Options range from 20ft to 22ft, with a consistent platform height of 12 inches.

Colour Customisation: Unlimited colour choices for the ring and its accessories, such as canvas, rope covers, skirts, corner pads, turnbuckle covers, and rope retainers. Complete customisation in colours, logos, and text is available.

Logos and Text: Personalisation options with custom logos, text, patterns, and designs on the canvas, side skirts, corner pads, rope covers, turnbuckle covers, and rope retainers for a unique and branded appearance.

Corner Post Color: Standard colours for the corner posts include black, white, red, or blue, with additional colours available for an extra charge.

Additional Custom Products: In addition to standard products, Protec also offers a variety of custom products like canvases, further enhancing the range of customisation options.

These customisation options enable customers to design a unique and personalised 20ft boxing ring that meets their preferences and branding requirements.

For detailed information about our 20ft boxing rings and other products, please get in touch with our team at 01706 759 121.