Cage Matting & Underlay

Protec Boxing offers an excellent range of MMA Cage Floor Mats and Underlays that are expertly designed to improve safety and comfort in martial arts and combat sports. Our mats are suitable for MMA cages, boxing rings, and home gyms, providing the ideal balance of cushioning, durability, and stability.

Mat Foam:
Our crosslinked sport foam is 40mm thick and comes in 2m x 1m sheets. It creates a safe and secure grappling area under mat covers. The foam is resistant to mildew, rot, and bacteria, which ensures a hygienic and clean training space. It is available in different thicknesses to suit your needs.
2m x 1m sheet, 40mm thick: £48
2m x 1m sheet, 50mm thick: £62.5
2m x 1m sheet, 60mm thick: £77

15MM Underlay Foam:
Our sports mat foam underlay is 15mm high-density and custom-length to fit your ring, cage or setting, providing a cushioned surface that’s gentle on joints.

20mm Reversible Foam Jigsaw Mats:
These mats are perfect for all martial arts levels or setting up a home gym. Measuring 1m x 1m x 20mm, they are made of sturdy, high-density EVA foam. These mats have a non-abrasive tatami straw texture on both sides, and they can be interlocked and reversed, allowing you to customise the colour. These mats are suitable for upright martial arts, such as taekwondo, karate, and muay thai, and they can be laid down temporarily or permanently.

Grappling Covers and Mats:
Our grapple vinyl covers are heat-welded into a single piece, providing a solution for worn areas that need rejuvenation. The covers can be customised with logos as per your requirements. The covers are placed over a 40mm crosslinked sport foam mat, ideal for grappling and rolling. This combination of the vinyl covers and foam mat ensures a durable, shock-absorbent surface, essential for MMA and grappling.

The cost for plain grappling cover is £11.80 per square meter (e.g., 6m x 5m cover: £354.00). The 40mm sport foam mat is priced at £15.90 per square meter (e.g., 6m x 5m area: £477.00). Additionally, custom printing is available on the cover, with prices varying based on specific requirements.

Please get in touch with the Protec team today on 01706 759 121 to discuss which options are best suited to your requirements.