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Brown Leather Uppercut Punchbag


Uppercut Bag Features include:

  • Crafted from classic brown cowhide leather for durability and style
  • Inner foam jacket designed for optimal shock absorption
  • Ideal for enhancing uppercut techniques and combining the punching experience of a maize bag with a floor-to-ceiling ball
  • It weighs approximately 23kg
  • Requires a separate 4-hook chain for hanging
  • Adorned with the embroidered Tuf Wear logo for brand authenticity

Leather Uppercut Bag

Exceptional Quality and Durability:

Enhance your boxing skills with the brown leather uppercut bag, expertly designed for perfecting uppercut techniques. This bag is constructed from classic brown cowhide leather and features an inner foam jacket with superior shock absorption. It’s an excellent tool for those looking to combine the benefits of a maize bag with a floor-to-ceiling ball’s dynamic action.
The bag weighs approximately 23kg and requires a 4-hook chain for installation, which is available for purchase separately.

This uppercut spring bag is a must-have for boxers looking to improve their technique and add a professional touch to their training setup.

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