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4ft Heavy Punch Bag

From £140.00

From £140.00

Elevate your training with our robust 4ft Heavy Punch Bag, ideal for Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, or MMA. Made in Bangkok with high-quality Thai-made synthetic leather and triple-stitched seams, it is designed for durability and comfort. The bag is wider and approximately 5kg heavier than its other options; this heavily filled bag (25-30 kg) is part of the Thai Series, ensuring stability and realistic training. It’s a durable choice for intense workouts, featuring bottom straps for floor anchoring and a 55-inch circumference for a substantial striking area. . We recommend our Heavy Weight Swivels to extend its life. Trusted by elite gyms across the UK, this bag is the definitive choice for fight enthusiasts.

What to Expect

Exceptional Quality and Durability:

Made in Bangkok, Thailand, this 4ft heavy punch bag stands apart with its superior synthetic leather and triple-stitched seams. The robust materials used ensure it withstands the rigour of intense, daily workouts, making it a lasting addition to your gym.

Design that Meets Power:

Understanding the needs of powerful strikers, the bag can come heavily filled, weighing 25 to 30 kg. It’s distinctly wider than its American counterparts in the Revgear lineup, providing approximately 5 kg additional weight for a more stabilising and realistic training experience.

Thai Series – A Cut Above:

As a proud member of the Thai Series of Heavy Bags, it offers functionality and a touch of Thai flair and expertise. Its wider build and weight distribution cater to various martial arts techniques and training styles.

Secure and Steady:

The design includes:

  • Straps at the bottom.
  • Allowing secure attachment to the gym floor.
  • Ensuring the bag remains steadfast during your most vigorous training sessions.

Attention to Detail:

  • The strap to the D-ring extends to 15″, offering ample room for height adjustment.
  • Circumference of approximately 55 inches provides a generous striking surface for precision training.

Enhanced Bag Longevity:

To maintain its integrity and extend its lifespan, we recommend pairing this punch bag with swivels, available in Heavy Weight (up to 50kg) and Commercial Weight (up to 65kg) options. This addition helps reduce strain on the straps, minimising wear and tear.

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