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Our rope covers are manufactured from tough waterproof vinyl so that they can be wiped clean of sweat, blood and grime. They are Velcro® attach and so are very easy to fit, they will even go over existing rope covers and are suitable for ropes up to 30mm diameter and ropes up to 50mm diameter. They really improve the entire look of old and tired rings. We supply plain coloured rope covers. We supply the covers to fit the ring – for example for a 16ft outside ring the inside rope area is 14ft so we supply the rope covers at just less than this ( around 13ft 9″ x 16 covers ) so that you can attach them easily.

We supply for ropes up to 30mm dia 0r ropes up to 50mm dia, please state which size rope you have at the time of ordering or covers suitable for ropes up to 50mm will be sent

  • SOLID COLOURS any combination of – BLUE – RED – WHITE – BLACK – GREY.
  • RED corner – BLUE corner – 2 WHITE corners.


  • SOLID COLOURS – – 10ft £150.00 – 12ft £175.00 – 14ft £215 – 16ft £245 – 18ft £285 – 20ft £320 – 24ft £360.00
  • RED corner – BLUE corner – 2 WHITE corners – 10ft £180.00 – 12ft £210.00 – 14ft £260.00 – 16ft £295.00 – 18ft £340.00 – 20ft £385.00 – 24ft £430.00

10ft SOLID COLOURS, 12ft SOLID COLOURS, 14ft SOLID COLOURS, 16ft SOLID COLOURS, 18ft SOLID COLOURS, 20ft SOLID COLOURS, 24ft SOLID COLOURS, 10ft 2 WHITE corners, 12ft 2 WHITE corners, 14ft 2 WHITE corners, 16ft 2 WHITE corners, 18ft 2 WHITE corners, 20ft 2 WHITE corners, 24ft 2 WHITE corners


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