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Our punch and kick bags are made from heavy duty commercial vinyl, these are not your standard mail order low quality product the bags have been designed for use in commercial gyms and feature many features not found in a typical punch bag. They are supplied within the cost with your club logo either printed or embroidered and can be manufactured in your club colours. (conditions apply) . The weight of the bag can be adjusted.

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The unique foam cylinder fill has a central bore that contains ballast to add weight to the bag, by adding or removing ballast the weight of the bag can be altered. All our seams are double stitched using a ballistic nylon thread. A doubled webbing strap connects welded D rings to the bag which in turn connect to a heavy duty 6 legged chain with an integral swivel, this allows the bag to turn freely without wear on the D shackles. This eliminates the weak point in many bags as bags with long webbing straps tend  to fail because the hanging D ring wears thru the strap in use. Foam fill is more expensive but enables you to adjust the weight of the bag to suit and always maintains its shape without sagging. The bag also benefits the user because it doesn’t develop hard spots and provides additional cushioning for sore hands and joints. Foam fill is only available on straight bags

Prices –  3ft bag – £140.00 – 4 ft bag – £160.00 – 5 ft bag – £180.00

Prices – Jumbo Curved Shield – £69.95


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