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Grappling covers and grappling mats


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The cover is heavy duty grapple vinyl . Sportfoam mat at 40mm thickness can be supplied for under the mat cover to create a safe grapple area.


A cover is created by heat welding strips of heavy duty grapple vinyl together to create a one piece cover. They can be used over existing worn covers or existing worn mats to revitalise the area. Most colours are available and they can be supplied with custom logos and branding.

Cover with mat foam

We supply 40mm crosslinked sportmat foam to go underneath our covers so that a safe grappling and rolling area can be created. Both the covers and the foam are easy to cut to shape.


For a plain grappling cover the cost is £11.80 m2 – example a 6mtr x 5 mtr cover will cost £354.00

For sportfoam mat at 40mm the cost is £15.90 m2 – example a 6mtr x 5mtr area will cost £477.00

Print to cover – dependent upon what is required – example a central colour logo 5ft x 12ft would cost £185.00


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