Custom training boxing rings are available in sizes from 12ft all the way up to 22ft with a platform hight of 12′.

No colour limitations on the ring accessories (canvas, rope covers, skirts, corner pads, turnbuckle covers and rope retainers) all fully customisable to your specifications.

To find your perfect boxing ring please email for any queries about personalised branding, custom colours, sizes or heights.




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Custom training boxing rings

Custom boxing rings have way more advantages to a standard one. with a custom training ring you can stand out from the crowd as you have full customisation of all ring accessories this includes any colour, any number of text/logos/patterns/designs you want there is no limit. The ring itself has choice of black, white, red, blue corner post free of charge. other colours are available at an additional cost if you pay for powder, we’ll use it. having a custom ring can give you more opportunities for potential sponsors as the ring itself acts as a promotional tool for local business and companies having this benefit can lead to sponsors which can help fund the daily running’s of the gym.

We also offer custom products such as canvases and many more separately you can check these by clicking here.




included Custom training boxing ring: 

  • Canvas – Custom colours, full colour logos and text to all areas of the canvas.
  • Side skirts. – Custom colours, logos and text to all 4 ring skirts.
  • Corner pads. – Custom colours, logos and text to all 4 corner pads.
  • Rope covers – Custom colours, logos and text to all 16 covers.
  • Turnbuckle covers –Custom colours, logos and text to all 16 covers.
  • Rope retainers – Custom colours, logos and text to all 4 – 8 or 12 depending on ring size.
  • 18mm ring flooring boards.
  • Standard underlay.
  • 4x 22mm Ring ropes.
  • All necessary fixings.



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12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 22ft


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