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PU Wall Pad Target


4ft Jumbo Angle Bag Features;

The punchbag weighs in approximately 44kg and has a 20-inch diameter. 

  • Heavy-duty synthetic leather
  • 20-inch diameter
  • 2 Colourway design
  • 4ft in length
  • Weight approx 44KG
  • Requires Heavy Duty 6 Hook Chain
  • Tuf Wear branded

Please note: A 6-hook heavy-duty chain is required to hang this bag. This chain is sold separately.

4ft Angled Punch Bag

Exceptional Quality and Durability:

Meet your ultimate training companion, the Jumbo 4FT Angle Punchbag. This punchbag is made with premium heavy-duty synthetic leather in a striking split colourway, offering durability and style. With a 20-inch diameter and a weight of approximately 44kg, it provides a substantial and resilient target for your boxing workouts.
The punchbag, measuring 4ft in length, is designed to deliver a challenging and dynamic training experience. Please note that a heavy-duty 6-hook chain, required for hanging, is not included. The Tuf Wear branding is a symbol of quality and authenticity, ensuring you invest in a top-tier training product.

For more information on our range of angle bags, please contact one of the Protec team directly on 01706 759 121.

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