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High Platform Octagon

From £6,045.00

From £6,045.00

The Protec Boxing range of High Platform Octagon Cages is designed for MMA training and fighting, catering to both professional and amateur setups, competitions, and events. These cages are engineered with safety and durability in mind, featuring cage panels that drop below the fighting deck to prevent exposure of metal parts where the mat meets the cage panel uprights. The cages come with a robust timber deck supported by a steel subframe, which is backed by a 10-year RTB warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind for the owner.

The fighting surface is covered with a 40mm thick cross-linked sport foam mat, topped with a heavy-duty Vinagrip canvas for a secure and professional finish.

Whats Included;

Our ex-hire boxing rings can be branded to match your business or boxing club and come with the following;

Ring Canvas

We offer a choice between Vingrip or Supatex canvas. We can print club logos or sponsors at additional cost.

Side Skirts

1 side skirt can be printed, with additional skirt printing available at an additional cost.

Corner Pads

2 of the 4 corners pads will be printed with your logo.

Rope Covers

Choice of rope cover colours, with custom printed rope covers available at an additional cost.

Turnbuckle Covers

We will provide 16 turnbuckle covers, custom printed covers available at additional cost.

Safety Steps

2 sets of safety steps included.

Ring Stools

We include 2 rings stools.

Competition Underlay

18mm high-density underlay perfect for competitions.

Ring Ropes

We include 4 x 30mm ring ropes.

Rope Seperators

Improve safety with 4 rope seperators

Ring Rope Tensioners

Adjustable ring rope tensioners.