MMA Cage Walling

Our range of MMA Cage Walls provides customers with an ideal training aid for athletes preparing for MMA competition. These versatile cage walls can be used as a standalone training tool or to separate different areas within a gym space. They can also be used to form half or quarter cages.

The walls can be placed onto the side of the mat, leaving plenty of space for other gym equipment. They come with uprights to house bag hangers, maximising their functionality within a training facility. The cage walls are easy to assemble, with floor-fixed walls allowing each panel to be easily slotted onto each post upright. The panel fits into a joint bracket fixed to the wall for wall-fixed walls.

The pricing for the walls is based on the cost per meter to the nearest full meter, and it includes all padding and the print of your logo on each cage pad uprights. They are supplied with black wire, known for its strength and flexibility.
Compared to a full MMA cage, these cage walls offer a more space-saving solution tailored to the specific needs of a training facility. They provide a surface to train against and can also be used to separate areas in the gym.

The Protec Boxing range of MMA Cage Walls is available in various sizes and made from durable materials, ensuring their suitability for intense training and preparation for MMA competition.

If you have any questions regarding our cage walls or wish to discuss bespoke requirements, please get in touch with our team on 01706 752 919.

MMA Cage Walls FAQs

Please see a selection of questions relating to our range of cage walls.

What are the primary uses of MMA Cage Walls?

MMA Cage Walls have multiple uses, which include:

Versatile Space Separation: Cage walls can be used to divide areas in the gym, creating distinct training or functional spaces within the same area.

Training Surface: They provide a surface to train against, allowing fighters to simulate cage pressure and utilise the walls for training such as clinch work and cage control. 

Housing Bag Hangers: The cage wall uprights are designed to house bag hangers, making them a functional addition to a training space.

These Cage Walls are a versatile training tool, providing space separation, training surfaces, and equipment storage in any gym or training facility.

What materials are used to make the cage walls?

The materials used for constructing MMA Cage Walls consist of premium steel, standard black wire, padding, and logo print.
Steel is the primary material that ensures the durability and strength of the structure. The standard black wire used has a thickness of 4mm per 100cm x 180cm, providing excellent strength while remaining pliable.
All cage walls include padding, which offers a safe and comfortable surface for fighters to train against.
Additionally, the cost of the cage walls includes printing your logo on each cage pad uprights, enabling customisation and branding.

These materials are chosen to withstand the intense demands of MMA training and competition while ensuring safety and durability.

What are the delivery and installation options for MMA Cage Walls?

We offer the following delivery and installation options: 

Collection: You can collect your MMA Cage Walls directly from our premises at no extra cost.

Pallet Carrier Delivery: If you prefer delivery to the kerbside, the cost is £145.00 for most UK inland destinations. Please note that you will be responsible for offloading the cage walls.

Full Delivery and Fitting: For a comprehensive service that includes delivery and professional fitting by our team, the cost starts from £495.00 for most UK inland destinations.

Please get in touch with our team directly to discuss the fitting services on 01706 759 121.