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6ft Muay Thai Heavy Bag

From £149.99

From £149.99

Our high quality 6ft Muay Thai heavy bag provides customers with a durable and affordable heavy bag, ideal for use with a range of disciplines such as Thai boxing, boxing and MMA.

This heavy bag ensures consistent performance in all conditions, thanks to its moisture and temperature adaptability. With even weight distribution, it offers a realistic training experience to hone your techniques. Available in elegant black or pristine white, it adds class to any training space.

We recommend our Heavy Weight Swivels to extend its life. Trusted by elite gyms across the UK, this bag is the definitive choice for fight enthusiasts.

What to Expect

  1. Authentic Thai Craftsmanship: Made in Bangkok, ensuring a genuine Muay Thai training experience.
  2. Unparalleled Durability: It’s built to last and constructed with premium Thai synthetic leather and reinforced by triple-stitched seams.
  3. Adaptive Performance: Designed to maintain its quality in varying temperatures and moisture levels, ensuring consistent training sessions.
  4. Realistic Training Experience: Even weight distribution simulates the feel of striking an opponent, refining technique and power.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: Available in elegant black and pristine white, it’s a stylish addition to any gym.
  6. Extended Longevity: Our recommended heavy-weight swivels are designed to enhance the bag’s lifespan.
  7. Trusted Choice: Preferred by elite Muay Thai and kickboxing gyms across the UK.

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