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Cage Panel Fence Wire


Cage Panel Wire Features;

The panel wire is both strong and durable. 

  • 4mm Thickness Per 100cm x 180cm
  • Impressive Strength & Flexibility
  • Easy Installation
  • UK Delivery

Please note:  Cage panel fixing ties are charged separately. These ties measure 48cm x 8cm and are charged at £14.95 for a pack of 100.

MMA Cage Wire Barrier

Exceptional Quality and Durability:

Protec Boxing offers a high-quality cage panel fence wire designed to provide safety and durability in the demanding environment of mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing. This wire mesh is primarily used to construct the walls of the fighting cage, providing a secure barrier that protects athletes from falling outside the cage during a match. It also serves to protect spectators and officials from any potential harm.

The standard black fence wire is known for its excellent strength while remaining pliable. This balance of strength and flexibility is crucial in absorbing the impact of athletes against the cage wall, reducing the risk of injury. The wire is 4mm thick and comes in dimensions of 100cm x 180cm, priced at £29.95.

One of the key benefits of this wire mesh is its durability. It is designed to withstand intense physical contact during MMA and boxing matches. The flexibility of the wire also ensures that it can absorb impact without breaking or causing harm to the athletes.

The Cage Panel Fence Wire also comes with cage panel fixing ties, which are 48cm x 8cm in size. These ties are used to secure the wire mesh to the cage structure, ensuring a tight and secure fit. A pack of 100 fixing ties is priced at £14.95.

For more information on our cage panel fencing wire, please contact one of the Protec team directly on 01706 759 121.

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