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Professional Floor Mounted Ring

From £1,719.95

From £1,719.95

The professional floor-mounted ring by Protec is a robust and versatile training solution, expertly designed for both professional and amateur gyms. Crafted for quality and quick assembly, this ring offers an authentic boxing experience without the need for elevated platforms. Each of the flooring rings comes with the below;

  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Non-bulk design
  • Optional flooring
  • Ropes, spacers and corner pads included
  • Hardwear such as turnbuckles also included

Please note: This ring must be fixed to a solid floor.

Whats Included;

Our boxing rings can be customised to your business or boxing club, as standard they come with the following;


Choose between canvas with underlay or no flooring.

Corner Pads

Includes 4 corner pads including your logo.

Ring Ropes

We include 4 x 25mm ring ropes.

Rope Covers

16 plain rope covers.

Turnbuckle Covers

Includes 16 turnbuckle covers.

Rope Seperators

Includes a set of 8 rope separators.

Ring Rope Tensioners

M12 adjustable ring rope tensioners.