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Custom Floor Mounted Ring

From £1,509.95

From £1,509.95

The custom floor mounted ring by Protec provides fighters with a simple training arena that is attached to a solid floor. This custom option includes;

  • Numerous sizes to choose from
  • Non-bulk design
  • Optional flooring
  • Ropes, spacers and corner pads included
  • Hardwear such as turnbuckles also included

Please note: This ring needs to be attached to a solid floor.

Whats Included;

Our boxing rings can be customised to your business or boxing club, as standard they come with the following;

Corner Pads

Includes 4 custom corner pads to match your branding.

Ring Ropes

We include 4 x 25mm ring ropes.

Rope Covers

16 custom branded rope covers.

Turnbuckle Covers

Includes 16 turnbuckle covers.

Rope Seperators

Includes a set of 8 custom rope separators.

Ring Rope Tensioners

M12 adjustable ring rope tensioners.