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Competition Boxing Ring

From £5,804.95

From £5,804.95

The Protec competition boxing ring combines premium materials with custom flexibility. Choose between VINAGRIP for sanitation or SUPATEX for waterproof durability, offering exceptional grip. With powder-coated corner posts, the ring ensures that the ring will look as good as new for longer! Personalisation options span from canvases to rope covers, allowing brands to modify various sections. The structure prioritises safety with high-density underlay, sturdy ring ropes, and efficient rope separators. Available in sizes from 16ft to 24ft, this ring is designed for performance and aesthetics, catering to professional bouts and gym showcases.

  • Choice of Canvas
  • Durable Structure
  • Customisable Elements
  • 16ft up to 24ft rings available
  • Easy set up

Whats Included;

Our boxing rings can be customised to your business or boxing club, as standard they come with the following;

Ring Canvas

Ring canvas is supplied with our competition rings.

Side Skirts

Set of 4 plain skirts provided with velcro fastening.

Corner Pads

4 corner pads including your logo.

Rope Covers

16 plain rope covers including foam padding.

Turnbuckle Covers

Includes 16 turnbuckle covers.

Safety Steps

A pair of safety/ring steps included.

Ring Stools

We include 2 rings stools.

Competition Underlay

18mm high-density underlay perfect for competitions.

Ring Ropes

We include 4 x 30mm ring ropes.

Rope Seperators

Set of 8 rope separators.

Ring Rope Tensioners

Adjustable ring rope tensioners.