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Close Up Training Ring

From £2,539.95

From £2,539.95

Close-up boxing rings create an experience that forces fighters to rethink their strategies, sharpen their reflexes, and master their footwork. The confined space compels fighters to develop new techniques tailored to the intimate setting, demanding quicker reactions and heightened awareness as they anticipate and respond to their opponent’s every move.
With less room to manoeuvre, fighters must perfect their footwork, learning to pivot, sidestep, and shift their weight precisely to gain the upper hand.

  • UK-Wide Delivery
  • 1ft Platform
  • Diverse Corner Post Options
  • Plain or Protec Branding
  • Premium Accessories & Fixings

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Whats Included;

Our close up training rings are available in plain or Protec branding. Each ring includes the following;

Ring Canvas

Protec’s custom canvas options allow customers to infuse branding through distinctive colours, logos, or text, ensuring each usage resonates with a unique aesthetic.

Side Skirts

These side skirts are designed to enhance the ring’s appearance, providing an additional platform to showcase a brand or sponsor. The side skirts are available in a wide range of colours, logos, and text, they amplify the ring’s overall visual appeal.

Corner Pads

The corner pads can be tailored to reflect your brand or sponsors. With custom colours, logos, and text, they ensure consistent branding while providing essential protection to athletes.

Rope Covers

The custom covers that are included not only shield the ropes from wear but also serve as a consistent branding space, echoing the gym’s unique identity.

Turnbuckle Covers

These covers, tailored to your specifications, not only enhance safety by cushioning the metal turnbuckles but also act as mini billboards, promoting your brand throughout the ring.

Competition Underlay

This underlay provides a cushioned layer between the ring flooring boards and the canvas, ensuring optimal shock absorption and enhancing the comfort of every footstep.

Ring Ropes

These ropes, with a robust 22mm diameter, provide a secure boundary for athletes, ensuring safety and stability during intense training sessions.

Rope Seperators

Improve safety with 4 rope seperators

All Necessary Fixings

To ensure a seamless setup, Protec includes all the required fixings. This ensures the ring is not just aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, ready for countless training sessions and bouts.

18mm Ring Flooring Boards

The 18mm flooring boards ensure a stable and durable base, providing athletes with a reliable platform for training and bouts.

Additional information

Ring Size

10ft, 6ft, 8ft


Non-Branded (Plain), Protec Branding