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Amateur Boxing Ring


The Protec Amateur Boxing Ring, conforming to AIBA specifications, offers an elite boxing experience. Its robust, oven-baked epoxy-coated corner posts ensure durability, while the SUPATEX canvas offers optimal grip. Featuring padded 48mm ropes, Olympic-style corner pads, and generous dimensions of 780cm x 780cm, it ensures safety and ample manoeuvring space. Complete with steps, stools, competition underlay, and protective bags, it’s an all-inclusive package for the aspiring professional boxer. Contact us for tailored delivery options. Elevate your matches with Protec’s unparalleled quality.

  • Ring size is 780cm x 780cm
  • Ring platform height is 100cms
  • Inside rope dimension – competition area – 610cms
  • Competition underlay – 20mm
  • Ropes are 48mm inclusive of padding and cover

Whats Included;

Our amateur boxing rings can be customised to your business or boxing club, as standard they come with the following;

Epoxy-Coated Corner Posts

The cornerposts of the amateur boxing ring stand out not just for their sturdiness but for their unique treatment process. Epoxy coating is known for its wear, tear, and corrosion resistance. By applying this to the corner posts, they are fortified against the typical strains and stresses of boxing matches.

SUPATEX Canvas Surface

Made from Polyester fibre, SUPATEX promises enhanced durability compared to its cotton counterparts. Its waterproof nature ensures that it remains unaffected by sweat and moisture, eliminating the rotting issue often seen in traditional cotton canvases.

Corner Pads

The Olympic-style wrap-over corner pads are designed to provide enhanced safety while adding a touch of grandeur to the ring. Their wrap-over design ensures maximum coverage, reducing the risk of injury from accidental collisions with the corner posts.

Ropes & Covers

With a diameter of 48mm, the ropes are substantial enough to create a secure boundary for athletes, preventing unintentional exits or falls from the ring.
The padding within these ropes is crucial. It serves as a cushion, absorbing impacts and reducing the risk of injuries when athletes are pushed against them during heated exchanges.

Turnbuckle Covers

The turnbuckle covers in the amateur boxing ring are essential for safety and aesthetics. Designed to envelop the metal turnbuckles, they shield athletes from potential injuries while maintaining the tension of the ropes. Beyond their safety function, these covers enhance the ring’s appearance by offering a seamless look, hiding metallic components, and emphasising a professional setup.

Safety Steps

This ring is provided with three sets of safety steps.

Ring Stools

Two rings stools are included with the amateur boxing ring.

Competition Underlay

The 20mm competition underlay acts as a cushioned foundation, reducing the shock and impact on the boxer’s joints and muscles during movement and falls. This not only ensures a more comfortable fighting environment but also significantly decreases the risk of injuries.

Rope Seperators

The rope separators, positioned between the ropes, ensure that the ropes maintain an even and consistent distance from each other. This prevents the ropes from tangling or coming too close together, which could create gaps or uneven tension, potentially endangering the boxers.

Ring Rope Tensioners

The rope tensioners allow for precise adjustments, ensuring that the ropes are neither too slack, which could be a safety hazard, nor too taut, which could affect the boxers’ movement and performance.